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Founded in 1996, the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Chittagong is one of the leading centres of geographical research and education in Bangladesh. Our aim is to provide an outstanding education experience for each and every one of our undergraduate and postgraduate students, and for the Department to be a key research centre of excellence in commercial capital of Bangladesh. With 18 academics, 6 professional support, administrative and technical staff, 250 undergraduates and 50 postgraduates, we teach and research across the discipline. Our research engages with local, regional, national and global grand challenges and pressing environmental, urban and social issues such as climate change, disasters, geographies of health, coastal dynamics, land use changes, smart cities, risk regulation, water, human migration, sustainable development, resource management, remote sensing and GIS application for environmental management. We undertake field research across Bangladesh. The Department offers courses leading to degrees in Bachelor of Science (BSc) with honours, Master of Science (MS), Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Geography and Environmental studies.